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TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR Classes & Mini-Workshops



These Terms and Conditions apply to all Regular Classes, Specials, and Mini-Workshops (“Classes”) organised by All That Swing – the Salzburg Swing Dance Association (“ATS”).

By registering for a class, a participant shall be deemed to have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.


The registration for ATS-Classes has to be made via the online registration form on our website. In rare exceptions (e.g. technical difficulties with the website) it is possible to register via e-mail to In these cases the e-mail needs to contain all the information asked for on the online registration form (including the consent to the Terms and Conditions, Possible Corona Prevention Measures, and our Data Policy). 

All other forms of communication (general E-Mail, verbal notification, Facebook-event RSVPS, Facebook and WhatsApp messages etc. are not accepted as registration).

Fees payable upon registration must be transferred to the account within the stated 7 working days – otherwise the registration shall be deemed invalid and ATS reserves the right to give the place to someone else.


If a Class is fully booked, ATS reserves the right to add interested participants to a waiting list. Those on the waiting list are not obligated to pay the fee until their registration is confirmed in writing as their participation cannot be guaranteed.

Places that become vacant will be offered to waitlisted participants in order of registration. Interested participants on the waiting list contacted by ATS must confirm acceptance of the offered place within the timeframe supplied in the offer email; otherwise the place will be offered to the next participant on the waiting list.

Should interested participants voluntarily transfer the Class fee (without receiving information about the availability of places), ATS reserves the right to put these participants on the waiting list and retain the amount transferred until it is known whether participation is possible. Within this period, the general cancellation rules apply. If participation is not possible due to lack of free places, the voluntarily transferred amount will be returned. However, in such cases a € 3.00 administration fee will be retained.


Participants who sign up to two or more regular classes at the same time are eligible for a 10% discount on the second class. Should the class fees differ, the discount will be applied to the class with the lower fee. The discount will be applied if the participant points our their eligibility in the registration form. ATS is not obligated to verify a participants eligibility. A later credit of the discounted amount is not possible. The discount only applies to regular classes, Specials and Mini-Workshops are excluded.

Class selection

The ability to participate in a Class depends on the availability of free spaces and the adequacy of the level. The completion of the beginner level does not automatically entitles participants to join the improver level – just as the completion of the improver level does not automatically entitle participants to join the intermediate level. The decisions and assessments of ATS teachers and guest teachers at classes and (Mini-)Workshops is to be respected.


Participation in an ATS Class may be cancelled with no charge up to 7 days prior to the start of the Event. ATS reserves the right to retain 03,00 € processing fee.
In case of cancellation within 72 hours of the start of the Class, the participation can be transferred to another class (e.g. the following month). After that cancellation is no longer possible and the class fee, regardless of actual participation, is forfeited.

Partial Cancellation 3-month-package & NON-EXECUTED COUPLE REGISTRATIONS

If a 3-Month-Package that has already begun is partially cancelled (participated 1 or 2 months, cancelled 1 or 2 months), the refund will be based on the single month class fee (e.g. 49,00 € per month instead of 44,00 € per month).

Is a couple registration not executed (instead the Class is participated in as a single follow or a single lead) the remaining Class participant has to pay the regular Class fee instead of the reduced couples fee.

Missed Class dates cannot be made up for at a later date for free, refunded or transferred to another participant.
A refund of the Class fee is not possible if a Class was booked and payed but participated in.

If the Class fee is already payed but the class cannot be participated in, a one time transfer to another month is possible (see Cancellation & Transfer). For this purpose ATS has to be informed without delay ( The availability of free places has to be taken into account when transferring the registration.


ATS always endeavours to carry out Classes in the form and scope advertised. Where unforeseen circumstances lead to the cancellation of individual items on the programme or the entire Class (for example, illness or injury of trainers ), ATS will endeavour to provide replacement and such circumstances do not affect the generally applicable cancellation policy.

If a Class has to be cancelled due to force majeure that cannot be averted or reduced (e.g. epidemics) ATS will endeavour to provide a replacement Class at a later date as soon as it is possible and feasible. ATS accepts no liability for Event-related expenses such as train tickets, hotel rooms and the like. We recommend participants purchase cancellation insurance to cover these circumstances.

ATS assumes no liability for participants’ personal items and items of value. Participants must be aware that the risk of injury at dance Classes can never be excluded. ATS assumes no liability whatsoever for any injuries. However, in order to minimise the risk of injury, the participants are obliged to exhibit considerate behaviour on the dance floor.


ATS has compiled an online guide for participants – our Swing Etiquette – where the most important points are listed. The guide can be viewed on our website or downloaded as PDF.


In all Classes organised by ATS dance partners are changed regularly. This ensures a higher success rate for the learning process of each and every participating individual. All That Swing see it as their responsibility to not only teach the dance, but also to pass on the general swing dance related culture. This includes – besides the changing of dance partners – also the possible circumstance, that dance roles (lead & follow) are not bound to the gender. All That Swing is not a dancing school, therefore our teaching methods also differ from those of a classic dancing school environment.

Participants who register for ATS Classes agree, to change dance partners when their teachers ask them to. Should there be any problems or behaviour deemed inappropriate with another class participant an ATS-teacher or the designated teacher within the Class must be informed immediately.


ATS will punish any form of racist, discriminating, sexually abusing, harassing, abusing or violent behaviours – in short any form of behaviour, which endangers the safety or our members, class participants or dance partners with the immediate expulsion from the association and furthermore will deny entry to our classes and events. All rights to refunds of already paid fees will be lost. We also reserve the right to legally prosecute any of the above-described actions. We reserve the right to refuse All That Swing services to any individual whose behaviour is not acceptable with our general code of conduct.


By registering for an ATS Class, participants grant permission to ATS for photographic and videographic documentation, and for the use of the resulting photos and videos for the purpose of advertising.

Class recaps may be recorded only after explicit permission from the teachers and may be used for private purposes only – publication on social media (e.g. on Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) could result in criminal prosecution.

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