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Corona Safety Protocol

CORONA Safety Protocol for classes and workshops

Official rules and safety protocols

Currently there are no restrictions when it comes to entering Austria, night clubs, social gatherings or sports events.

Possible future restrictions

Of course, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be restrictions put in place at a future point in time, should the situation change. If such possible future restrictions would allow us to go forward with the Workshop Weekend, we will update our Corona Safety Protocol. When registering for the Minor Swing Workshop Weekend, we’d ask you to keep in mind that even if there are currently no corona related restrictions, there is a chance, however small, that there could be at the time of the Workshop Weekend. Inability to comply with such restrictions (e.g. negative PRC test, proof of vaccination, etc.) does not exempt you from our cancellation policy.

Consideration & Hygiene

Even if there are no official restrictions, we want to remind you that washing your hands with soap, and using tissues or the crook of your arm instead of your hand in case of coughs and sneezes are general good sense practices against all kinds of viruses (not just corona) when closely interacting with other people.

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